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Daniel 3:27 (Webster_Strongs)
  27 H324 And the princes H5460 , governors H6347 , and captains H4430 , and the king's H1907 counsellors H3673 [H8723] , being gathered together H2370 [H8751] , saw H479 these H1400 men H1655 , upon whose bodies H5135 the fire H3809 had no H7981 [H8754] power H3809 , nor H8177 was an hair H7217 of their head H2761 [H8724] singed H3809 , neither H5622 were their coats H8133 [H8754] changed H3809 , nor H7382 had the smell H5135 of fire H5709 [H8754] passed upon them.