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1 Chronicles 5:26 (Webster_Strongs)
  26 H430 And the God H3478 of Israel H5782 [H8686] stirred up H7307 the spirit H6322 of Pul H4428 king H804 of Assyria H7307 , and the spirit H8407 of Tilgathpilneser H4428 king H804 of Assyria H1540 [H8686] , and he carried them away H7206 , even the Reubenites H1425 , and the Gadites H2677 , and the half H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh H935 [H8686] , and brought H2477 them to Halah H2249 , and Habor H2024 , and Hara H5104 , and to the river H1470 Gozan H3117 , to this day.