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2 Kings 5:7 (Webster_Strongs)
  7 H4428 And it came to pass, when the king H3478 of Israel H7121 [H8800] had read H5612 the letter H7167 [H8799] , that he tore H899 his clothes H559 [H8799] , and said H430 , Am I God H4191 [H8687] , to kill H2421 [H8687] and to make alive H2088 , that this man H7971 [H8802] doth send H622 [H8800] to me to cure H376 a man H6883 of his leprosy H389 ? therefore H3045 [H8798] consider H7200 [H8798] , I pray you, and see H579 [H8693] how he seeketh a quarrel against me.