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Daniel 6:10 (Webster_Strongs)
  10 H1841 Now when Daniel H3046 [H8754] knew H3792 that the writing H7560 [H8752] was signed H5954 [H8754] , he went H1005 into his house H3551 ; and his windows H6606 [H8759] being open H5952 in his chamber H5049 toward H3390 Jerusalem H1289 [H8750] , he kneeled H5922 upon H1291 his knees H8532 three H2166 times H3118 a day H6739 [H8743] , and prayed H3029 [H8683] , and gave thanks H6925 before H426 his God H6903 H3606 , as H1934 H5648 [H8754] he did H4481 H1836 H6928 before.