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2 Chronicles 15:8 (Webster_Strongs)
  8 H609 And when Asa H8085 [H8800] heard H1697 these words H5016 , and the prophecy H5752 of Oded H5030 the prophet H2388 [H8694] , he took courage H5674 [H8686] , and put away H8251 the abominable idols H776 out of all the land H3063 of Judah H1144 and Benjamin H5892 , and out of the cities H3920 [H8804] which he had taken H2022 from mount H669 Ephraim H2318 [H8762] , and repaired H4196 the altar H3068 of the LORD H6440 , that was before H197 the porch H3068 of the LORD.