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Nehemiah 8:4 (Webster_Strongs)
  4 H5830 And Ezra H5608 [H8802] the scribe H5975 [H8799] stood H4026 upon a pulpit H6086 of wood H6213 [H8804] , which they had made H1697 for the purpose H681 ; and beside H5975 [H8799] him stood H4993 Mattithiah H8087 , and Shema H6043 , and Anaiah H223 , and Urijah H2518 , and Hilkiah H4641 , and Maaseiah H3225 , on his right hand H8040 ; and on his left hand H6305 , Pedaiah H4332 , and Mishael H4441 , and Malchiah H2828 , and Hashum H2806 , and Hashbadana H2148 , Zechariah H4918 , and Meshullam.