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Deuteronomy 7:1 (Webster_Strongs)
  1 H3068 When the LORD H430 thy God H935 [H8686] shall bring H776 thee into the land H935 [H8802] where thou goest H3423 [H8800] to possess H5394 [H8804] it, and hath cast out H7227 many H1471 nations H6440 before H2850 thee, the Hittites H1622 , and the Girgashites H567 , and the Amorites H3669 , and the Canaanites H6522 , and the Perizzites H2340 , and the Hivites H2983 , and the Jebusites H7651 , seven H1471 nations H7227 greater H6099 and mightier than thou;