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Daniel 2:45 (Webster_Strongs)
  45 H3606 H6903 Forasmuch as H2370 [H8754] thou sawest H69 that the stone H1505 [H8728] was cut out H2906 of the mountain H3809 without H3028 hands H1855 [H8684] , and that it broke in pieces H6523 the iron H5174 , the brass H2635 , the clay H3702 , the silver H1722 , and the gold H7229 ; the great H426 God H3046 [H8684] hath made known H4430 to the king H4101 what H1934 [H8748] shall come to pass H311 after H1836 this H2493 : and the dream H3330 is certain H6591 , and the interpretation H540 [H8683] of it sure.
Daniel 6:12 (Webster_Strongs)
  12 H116 Then H7127 [H8754] they came near H560 [H8750] , and spoke H6925 before H4430 the king H5922 concerning H4430 the king's H633 decree H3809 ; Hast thou not H7560 [H8754] signed H633 a decree H3606 , that every H606 man H1156 [H8748] that shall ask H4481 a petition of H3606 any H426 god H606 or man H5705 within H8533 thirty H3118 days H3861 , except H4481 of thee H4430 , O king H7412 [H8729] , shall be cast H1358 into the den H744 of lions H4430 ? The king H6032 [H8750] answered H560 [H8750] and said H4406 , The thing H3330 is true H1882 , according to the law H4076 of the Medes H6540 and Persians H5709 [H8748] , which altereth H3809 not.