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Ezra 4:15 (Webster_Strongs)
  15 H1240 [H8741] That search H5609 may be made in the book H1799 of the records H2 of thy fathers H7912 [H8681] : so shalt thou find H5609 in the book H1799 of the records H3046 [H8748] , and know H1791 that this H7149 city H4779 is a rebellious H7149 city H5142 [H8683] , and hurtful H4430 to kings H4083 and provinces H5648 [H8751] , and that they have moved H849 sedition H1459 within the same H4481 from of H5957 H3118 old H5922 : for H1836 which H1791 cause was this H7149 city H2718 [H8717] destroyed.
Daniel 4:34 (Webster_Strongs)
  34 H7118 And at the end H3118 of the days H576 I H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H5191 [H8754] lifted up H5870 my eyes H8065 to heaven H4486 , and my understanding H8421 [H8748] returned H5922 to me H1289 [H8745] , and I blessed H5943 the most High H7624 [H8745] , and I praised H1922 [H8745] and honoured H2417 him that liveth H5957 for ever H7985 , whose dominion H5957 is an everlasting H7985 dominion H4437 , and his kingdom H5974 is from H1859 generation H1859 to generation:
Daniel 5:11 (Webster_Strongs)
  11 H383 There is H1400 a man H4437 in thy kingdom H7308 , in whom is the spirit H6922 of the holy H426 gods H3118 ; and in the days H2 of thy father H5094 light H7924 and understanding H2452 and wisdom H2452 , like the wisdom H426 of the gods H7912 [H8728] , was found H4430 in him; whom the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H2 thy father H4430 , the king H2 , I say, thy father H6966 [H8684] , made H7229 master H2749 of the magicians H826 , astrologers H3779 , Chaldeans H1505 [H8750] , and soothsayers;
Daniel 6:7 (Webster_Strongs)
  7 H3606 All H5632 the presidents H4437 of the kingdom H5460 , the governors H324 , and the princes H1907 , the counsellors H6347 , and the captains H3272 [H8724] , have consulted together H6966 [H8742] to establish H4430 a royal H7010 statute H8631 [H8742] , and to make a firm H633 decree H1156 [H8748] , that whoever shall ask H1159 a petition H4481 of H3606 any H426 god H606 or man H5705 for H8533 thirty H3118 days H3861 , except H4481 of thee H4430 , O king H7412 [H8729] , he shall be cast H1358 into the den H744 of lions.
Daniel 6:10 (Webster_Strongs)
  10 H1841 Now when Daniel H3046 [H8754] knew H3792 that the writing H7560 [H8752] was signed H5954 [H8754] , he went H1005 into his house H3551 ; and his windows H6606 [H8759] being open H5952 in his chamber H5049 toward H3390 Jerusalem H1289 [H8750] , he kneeled H5922 upon H1291 his knees H8532 three H2166 times H3118 a day H6739 [H8743] , and prayed H3029 [H8683] , and gave thanks H6925 before H426 his God H6903 H3606 , as H1934 H5648 [H8754] he did H4481 H1836 H6928 before.
Daniel 6:12 (Webster_Strongs)
  12 H116 Then H7127 [H8754] they came near H560 [H8750] , and spoke H6925 before H4430 the king H5922 concerning H4430 the king's H633 decree H3809 ; Hast thou not H7560 [H8754] signed H633 a decree H3606 , that every H606 man H1156 [H8748] that shall ask H4481 a petition of H3606 any H426 god H606 or man H5705 within H8533 thirty H3118 days H3861 , except H4481 of thee H4430 , O king H7412 [H8729] , shall be cast H1358 into the den H744 of lions H4430 ? The king H6032 [H8750] answered H560 [H8750] and said H4406 , The thing H3330 is true H1882 , according to the law H4076 of the Medes H6540 and Persians H5709 [H8748] , which altereth H3809 not.