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Exodus 15:26 (Webster_Strongs)
  26 H559 [H8799] And said H8085 [H8800] , If thou wilt diligently H8085 [H8799] hearken H6963 to the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H6213 [H8799] , and wilt do H3477 that which is right H5869 in his sight H238 [H8689] , and wilt give ear H4687 to his commandments H8104 [H8804] , and keep H2706 all his statutes H7760 [H8799] , I will put H4245 none of these diseases H7760 [H8804] upon thee, which I have brought H4714 upon the Egyptians H3068 : for I am the LORD H7495 [H8802] that healeth thee.
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