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2 Kings 18:32 (Webster_Strongs)
  32 H935 [H8800] Until I come H3947 [H8804] and take you away H776 to a land H776 like your own land H776 , a land H1715 of grain H8492 and wine H776 , a land H3899 of bread H3754 and vineyards H776 , a land H2132 of olive H3323 oil H1706 and of honey H2421 [H8798] , that ye may live H4191 [H8799] , and not die H8085 [H8799] : and hearken H2396 not to Hezekiah H5496 [H8686] , when he persuadeth H559 [H8800] you, saying H3068 , The LORD H5337 [H8686] will deliver us.
Nehemiah 8:15 (Webster_Strongs)
  15 H8085 [H8686] And that they should declare H5674 H6963 [H8686] and proclaim H5892 in all their cities H3389 , and in Jerusalem H559 [H8800] , saying H3318 [H8798] , Go forth H2022 to the mount H935 [H8685] , and fetch H2132 olive H5929 branches H8081 , and pine H6086 H5929 branches H1918 , and myrtle H5929 branches H8558 , and palm H5929 branches H5929 , and branches H5687 of thick H6086 trees H6213 [H8800] , to make H5521 booths H3789 [H8803] , as it is written.