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Matthew 4:6 (Webster_Strongs)
  6 G2532 And G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him G1487 , If G1488 [G5748] thou art G5207 the Son G2316 of God G906 [G5628] , cast G4572 thyself G2736 down G1063 : for G1125 [G5769] it is written G3754 , G1781 0 He shall give G846 his G32 angels G1781 [G5699] charge G4012 concerning G4675 thee G2532 : and G1909 in G5495 their hands G142 [G5692] they shall uphold G4571 , thee G3379 , lest at any time G4350 [G5661] thou dash G4675 thy G4228 foot G4314 against G3037 a stone.
Matthew 18:8 (Webster_Strongs)
  8 G1161 { Therefore G1487 if G4675 thy G5495 hand G2228 or G4675 thy G4228 foot G4624 [G5719] causeth thee to sin G1581 0 , cut G846 them G1581 [G5657] off G2532 , and G906 [G5628] cast G575 them from G4571 G4675 thee G2076 [G5748] : it is G2570 better G4671 for thee G1525 G1519 [G5629] to enter into G2222 life G5560 lame G2228 or G2948 maimed G2228 , rather than G2192 [G5723] having G1417 two G5495 hands G2228 or G1417 two G4228 feet G906 [G5683] to be cast G1519 into G166 everlasting G4442 fire.}
Mark 6:11 (Webster_Strongs)
  11 G2532 { And G3745 G302 whoever G1209 0 shall G3361 not G1209 [G5667] receive G5209 you G3366 , nor G191 [G5661] hear G5216 you G1607 [G5740] , when ye depart G1564 from there G1621 [G5657] , shake off G5522 the dust G5270 under G5216 your G4228 feet G1519 for G3142 a testimony G846 against them G281 . Verily G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you G2071 [G5704] , It shall be G414 more tolerable G4670 for Sodom G2228 and G1116 Gomorrah G1722 in G2250 the day G2920 of judgment G2228 , than G1565 for that G4172 city.}
Luke 7:44 (Webster_Strongs)
  44 G2532 And G4762 [G5651] he turned G4314 to G1135 the woman G5346 [G5713] , and said G4613 to { Simon G991 [G5719] , Seest thou G5026 this G1135 woman G1525 [G5627] ? I entered G1519 into G4675 thy G3614 house G1325 [G5656] , thou gavest me G3756 no G5204 water G1909 for G3450 my G4228 feet G1161 : but G3778 G846 [G5625] she G1026 [G5656] hath washed G3450 my G4228 feet G1144 with tears G2532 , and G1591 [G5656] wiped G2359 them with the hairs G846 of her G2776 head.}