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Revelation 2:17 (Webster_Strongs)
  17 G2192 [G5723] { He that hath G3775 an ear G191 [G5657] , let him hear G5101 what G4151 the Spirit G3004 [G5719] saith G1577 to the churches G846 ; To him G3528 [G5723] that overcometh G1325 [G5692] will I give G5315 [G5629] to eat G575 of G2928 [G5772] the hidden G3131 manna G2532 , and G1325 [G5692] will give G846 him G3022 a white G5586 stone G2532 , and G1909 on G5586 the stone G2537 a new G3686 name G1125 [G5772] written G3739 , which G3762 no man G1097 [G5627] knoweth G1508 except G2983 [G5723] he that receiveth it.}