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Romans 14:6 (Webster_Strongs)
  6 G5426 [G5723] He that regardeth G2250 the day G5426 [G5719] , regardeth G2962 it to the Lord G2532 ; and G5426 [G5723] he that regardeth G3361 not G2250 the day G2962 , to the Lord G5426 0 he doth G3756 not G5426 [G5719] regard G2068 [G5723] it. He that eateth G2068 [G5719] , eateth G2962 to the Lord G1063 , for G2316 he giveth God G2168 [G5719] thanks G2532 ; and G2068 [G5723] he that eateth G3361 not G2962 , to the Lord G2068 [G5719] he eateth G3756 not G2532 , and G2316 giveth God G2168 [G5719] thanks.