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Romans 14:23 (WEB_Strongs)
  23 G1161 But G1252 he who doubts G2632 is condemned G1437 if G5315 he eats, G3754 because G3756 it isn't G1537 of G4102 faith; G3956 and whatever G3739   G3756 is not G1537 of G4102 faith G2076 is G266 sin. G3739   G1161 Now G1410 to him who is able G4741 to establish G5209 you G2596 according G3450 to my G2098 Good News G2532 and G2424 the preaching of Jesus G5547 Christ, G2596 according G602 to the revelation G3466 of the mystery G4601 which has been kept secret G5550 through long G166 ages, G1161 but G3568 now G5319 is revealed, G5037 and G1223 by G1124 the Scriptures G4397 of the prophets, G2596 according G2003 to the commandment G166 of the eternal G2316 God, G1107 is made known G1519 for G5218 obedience G4102 of faith G1519 to G3956 all G1484 the nations; G3441 to the only G4680 wise G2316 God, G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ, G1391 to whom be the glory G1519   G165 forever! G281 Amen.