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Esther 2:9 (KJV_Strongs)
  9 H5291 And the maiden H3190 pleased [H8799]   H5869   H5375 him, and she obtained [H8799]   H2617 kindness H6440 of him H926 ; and he speedily [H8762]   H5414 gave [H8800]   H8562 her her things for purification H4490 , with such things as belonged H7651 to her, and seven H5291 maidens H7200 , which were meet [H8803]   H5414 to be given [H8800]   H4428 her, out of the king's H1004 house H8138 : and he preferred [H8762]   H5291 her and her maids H2896 unto the best H1004 place of the house H802 of the women.
Esther 3:8 (KJV_Strongs)
  8 H2001 And Haman H559 said [H8799]   H4428 unto king H325 Ahasuerus H3426 , There is H259 a certain H5971 people H6340 scattered abroad [H8794]   H6504 and dispersed [H8794]   H5971 among the people H4082 in all the provinces H4438 of thy kingdom H1881 ; and their laws H8138 are diverse [H8802]   H5971 from all people H6213 ; neither keep [H8802]   H4428 they the king's H1881 laws H4428 : therefore it is not for the king's H7737 profit [H8802]   H3240 to suffer [H8687]   them.