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1 Samuel 17:28 (KJV_Strongs)
  28 H446 And Eliab H1419 his eldest H251 brother H8085 heard [H8799]   H1696 when he spake [H8763]   H582 unto the men H446 ; and Eliab's H639 anger H2734 was kindled [H8799]   H1732 against David H559 , and he said [H8799]   H3381 , Why camest thou down [H8804]   H5203 hither? and with whom hast thou left [H8804]   H2007 those H4592 few H6629 sheep H4057 in the wilderness H3045 ? I know [H8804]   H2087 thy pride H7455 , and the naughtiness H3824 of thine heart H3381 ; for thou art come down [H8804]   H7200 that thou mightest see [H8800]   H4421 the battle.