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2 Kings 19:23 (KJV_Strongs)
  23 H3027 By H4397 thy messengers H2778 thou hast reproached [H8765]   H136 the Lord H559 , and hast said [H8799]   H7230 , With the multitude H7393 of my chariots [H8675]   H7393   H5927 I am come up [H8804]   H4791 to the height H2022 of the mountains H3411 , to the sides H3844 of Lebanon H3772 , and will cut down [H8799]   H6967 the tall H730 cedar trees H4004 thereof, and the choice H1265 fir trees H935 thereof: and I will enter [H8799]   H4411 into the lodgings H7093 of his borders H3293 , and into the forest H3760 of his Carmel.
Esther 2:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 H5291 Now when every maid's H8447 turn H5060 was come [H8687]   H935 to go in [H8800]   H4428 to king H325 Ahasuerus H7093 , after H8147 that she had been twelve H6240   H2320 months H1881 , according to the manner H802 of the women H3117 , (for so were the days H4795 of their purifications H4390 accomplished [H8799]   H8337 , to wit, six H2320 months H8081 with oil H4753 of myrrh H8337 , and six H2320 months H1314 with sweet odours H8562 , and with other things for the purifying H802 of the women;)