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Ezekiel 9:2 (KJV_Strongs)
  2 H8337 And, behold, six H582 men H935 came [H8802]   H1870 from the way H5945 of the higher H8179 gate H6437 , which lieth [H8716]   H6828 toward the north H376 , and every man H4660 a slaughter H3627 weapon H3027 in his hand H259 ; and one H376 man H8432 among H3847 them was clothed [H8803]   H906 with linen H5608 , with a writer's [H8802]   H7083 inkhorn H4975 by his side H935 : and they went in [H8799]   H5975 , and stood [H8799]   H681 beside H5178 the brasen H4196 altar.