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Numbers 5:15 (KJV_Strongs)
  15 H376 Then shall the man H935 bring [H8689]   H802 his wife H3548 unto the priest H935 , and he shall bring [H8689]   H7133 her offering H6224 for her, the tenth H374 part of an ephah H8184 of barley H7058 meal H3332 ; he shall pour [H8799]   H8081 no oil H5414 upon it, nor put [H8799]   H3828 frankincense H4503 thereon; for it is an offering H7068 of jealousy H4503 , an offering H2146 of memorial H2142 , bringing H5771 iniquity H2142 to remembrance [H8688]  .
Ezekiel 8:3 (KJV_Strongs)
  3 H7971 And he put forth [H8799]   H8403 the form H3027 of an hand H3947 , and took [H8799]   H6734 me by a lock H7218 of mine head H7307 ; and the spirit H5375 lifted me up [H8799]   H776 between the earth H8064 and the heaven H935 , and brought [H8686]   H4759 me in the visions H430 of God H3389 to Jerusalem H6607 , to the door H6442 of the inner H8179 gate H6437 that looketh [H8802]   H6828 toward the north H4186 ; where was the seat H5566 of the image H7068 of jealousy H7069 , which provoketh to jealousy [H8688]  .