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Daniel 2:24 (KJV_Strongs)
  24 H3606 Therefore H6903   H1836   H1841 Daniel H5954 went in [H8754]   H5922 unto H746 Arioch H4430 , whom the king H4483 had ordained [H8745]   H7 to destroy [H8682]   H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H236 : he went [H8754]   H560 and said [H8754]   H3652 thus H7 unto him; Destroy [H8681]   H409 not H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H5954 : bring me in [H8680]   H6925 before H4430 the king H2324 , and I will shew [H8741]   H4430 unto the king H6591 the interpretation.
Daniel 2:45 (KJV_Strongs)
  45 H3606 Forasmuch as H6903   H2370 thou sawest [H8754]   H69 that the stone H1505 was cut out [H8728]   H2906 of the mountain H3809 without H3028 hands H1855 , and that it brake in pieces [H8684]   H6523 the iron H5174 , the brass H2635 , the clay H3702 , the silver H1722 , and the gold H7229 ; the great H426 God H3046 hath made known [H8684]   H4430 to the king H4101 what H1934 shall come to pass [H8748]   H311 hereafter H1836   H2493 : and the dream H3330 is certain H6591 , and the interpretation H540 thereof sure [H8683]  .
Daniel 3:3 (KJV_Strongs)
  3 H116 Then H324 the princes H5460 , the governors H6347 , and captains H148 , the judges H1411 , the treasurers H1884 , the counsellors H8614 , the sheriffs H3606 , and all H7984 the rulers H4083 of the provinces H3673 , were gathered together [H8723]   H2597 unto the dedication H6755 of the image H5020 that Nebuchadnezzar H4430 the king H6966 had set up [H8684]   H6966 ; and they stood [H8750]   H6903 before H6755 the image H5020 that Nebuchadnezzar H6966 had set up [H8684]  .
Daniel 3:7 (KJV_Strongs)
  7 H6903 Therefore H1836   H2166 at that time H1768 , when H3606 all H5972 the people H8086 heard [H8750]   H7032 the sound H7162 of the cornet H4953 , flute H7030 , harp [H8675]   H7030   H5443 , sackbut H6460 , psaltery H3606 , and all H2178 kinds H2170 of musick H3606 , all H5972 the people H524 , the nations H3961 , and the languages H5308 , fell down [H8750]   H5457 and worshipped [H8750]   H1722 the golden H6755 image H5020 that Nebuchadnezzar H4430 the king H6966 had set up [H8684]  .
Daniel 3:29 (KJV_Strongs)
  29 H4481 Therefore I H7761 make [H8752]   H2942 a decree H3606 , That every H5972 people H524 , nation H3961 , and language H560 , which speak [H8748]   H7960 any thing amiss [H8675]   H7955   H5922 against H426 the God H7715 of Shadrach H4336 , Meshach H5665 , and Abednego H5648 , shall be cut [H8725]   H1917 in pieces H1005 , and their houses H7739 shall be made [H8721]   H5122 a dunghill H6903 : because H3606   H383 there is H3809 no H321 other H426 God H3202 that can [H8748]   H5338 deliver [H8682]   H1836 after this sort.
Daniel 5:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 H6903 Forasmuch as H3606   H3493 an excellent H7308 spirit H4486 , and knowledge H7924 , and understanding H6590 , interpreting [H8743]   H2493 of dreams H263 , and shewing H280 of hard sentences H8271 , and dissolving [H8743]   H7001 of doubts H7912 , were found [H8728]   H1841 in the same Daniel H4430 , whom the king H7761 named [H8754]   H8036   H1096 Belteshazzar H3705 : now H1841 let Daniel H7123 be called [H8729]   H2324 , and he will shew [H8681]   H6591 the interpretation.
Daniel 6:4 (KJV_Strongs)
  4 H116 Then H5632 the presidents H324 and princes H1934 sought [H8754]   H1156   [H8750]   H7912 to find [H8682]   H5931 occasion H1841 against Daniel H6655 concerning H4437 the kingdom H3606 ; but H3202 they could [H8750]   H7912 find [H8682]   H3809 none H5931 occasion H3809 nor H7844 fault [H8752]   H6903 ; forasmuch H540 as he was faithful [H8683]   H3809 , neither H3606 was there any H7960 error H7844 or fault [H8752]   H7912 found [H8728]   H5922 in him.
Daniel 6:10 (KJV_Strongs)
  10 H1841 Now when Daniel H3046 knew [H8754]   H3792 that the writing H7560 was signed [H8752]   H5954 , he went [H8754]   H1005 into his house H3551 ; and his windows H6606 being open [H8759]   H5952 in his chamber H5049 toward H3390 Jerusalem H1289 , he kneeled [H8750]   H5922 upon H1291 his knees H8532 three H2166 times H3118 a day H6739 , and prayed [H8743]   H3029 , and gave thanks [H8683]   H6925 before H426 his God H6903 , as H3606   H1934 he did [H8754]   H5648   [H8751]   H4481 aforetime H1836   H6928  .