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1 Kings 2:26 (KJV_Strongs)
  26 H54 And unto Abiathar H3548 the priest H559 said [H8804]   H4428 the king H3212 , Get [H8798]   H6068 thee to Anathoth H7704 , unto thine own fields H376 ; for thou art worthy H4194 of death H3117 : but I will not at this time H4191 put thee to death [H8686]   H5375 , because thou barest [H8804]   H727 the ark H136 of the Lord H3069 GOD H6440 before H1732 David H1 my father H6031 , and because thou hast been afflicted [H8694]   H1 in all wherein my father H6031 was afflicted [H8694]  .
Jeremiah 32:8 (KJV_Strongs)
  8 H2601 So Hanameel H1730 mine uncle's H1121 son H935 came [H8799]   H2691 to me in the court H4307 of the prison H1697 according to the word H3068 of the LORD H559 , and said [H8799]   H7069 unto me, Buy [H8798]   H7704 my field H6068 , I pray thee, that is in Anathoth H776 , which is in the country H1144 of Benjamin H4941 : for the right H3425 of inheritance H1353 is thine, and the redemption H7069 is thine; buy [H8798]   H3045 it for thyself. Then I knew [H8799]   H1697 that this was the word H3068 of the LORD.