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Nehemiah 13:15 (KJV_Strongs)
  15 H3117 In those days H7200 saw [H8804]   H3063 I in Judah H1869 some treading [H8802]   H1660 wine presses H7676 on the sabbath H935 , and bringing in [H8688]   H6194 sheaves H6006 , and lading [H8802]   H2543 asses H3196 ; as also wine H6025 , grapes H8384 , and figs H4853 , and all manner of burdens H935 , which they brought [H8688]   H3389 into Jerusalem H7676 on the sabbath H3117 day H5749 : and I testified [H8686]   H3117 against them in the day H4376 wherein they sold [H8800]   H6718 victuals.