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Exodus 3:8 (KJV_Strongs)
  8 H3381 And I am come down [H8799]   H5337 to deliver [H8687]   H3027 them out of the hand H4714 of the Egyptians H5927 , and to bring [H8687]   H776 them up out of that land H2896 unto a good H776 land H7342 and a large H776 , unto a land H2100 flowing [H8802]   H2461 with milk H1706 and honey H4725 ; unto the place H3669 of the Canaanites H2850 , and the Hittites H567 , and the Amorites H6522 , and the Perizzites H2340 , and the Hivites H2983 , and the Jebusites.
Numbers 32:33 (KJV_Strongs)
  33 H4872 And Moses H5414 gave [H8799]   H1121 unto them, even to the children H1410 of Gad H1121 , and to the children H7205 of Reuben H2677 , and unto half H7626 the tribe H4519 of Manasseh H1121 the son H3130 of Joseph H4467 , the kingdom H5511 of Sihon H4428 king H567 of the Amorites H4467 , and the kingdom H5747 of Og H4428 king H1316 of Bashan H776 , the land H5892 , with the cities H1367 thereof in the coasts H5892 , even the cities H776 of the country H5439 round about.