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Ezra 4:15 (KJV_Strongs)
  15 H1240 That search [H8741]   H5609 may be made in the book H1799 of the records H2 of thy fathers H7912 : so shalt thou find [H8681]   H5609 in the book H1799 of the records H3046 , and know [H8748]   H1791 that this H7149 city H4779 is a rebellious H7149 city H5142 , and hurtful [H8683]   H4430 unto kings H4083 and provinces H5648 , and that they have moved [H8751]   H849 sedition H1459 within the same H4481 of H5957 old H3118 time H5922 : for H1836 which H1791 cause was this H7149 city H2718 destroyed [H8717]  .