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Daniel 2:9 (KJV_Strongs)
  9 H2006 But if H3809 ye will not H3046 make known [H8681]   H2493 unto me the dream H1932 , there is but one H2298   H1882 decree H2164 for you: for ye have prepared [H8724]   H3538 lying H7844 and corrupt [H8752]   H4406 words H560 to speak [H8749]   H6925 before H5705 me, till H5732 the time H8133 be changed [H8721]   H3861 : therefore H560 tell [H8747]   H2493 me the dream H3046 , and I shall know [H8748]   H1768 that H2324 ye can shew [H8681]   H6591 me the interpretation thereof.
Daniel 2:24 (KJV_Strongs)
  24 H3606 Therefore H6903   H1836   H1841 Daniel H5954 went in [H8754]   H5922 unto H746 Arioch H4430 , whom the king H4483 had ordained [H8745]   H7 to destroy [H8682]   H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H236 : he went [H8754]   H560 and said [H8754]   H3652 thus H7 unto him; Destroy [H8681]   H409 not H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H5954 : bring me in [H8680]   H6925 before H4430 the king H2324 , and I will shew [H8741]   H4430 unto the king H6591 the interpretation.