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Ezra 6:8 (KJV_Strongs)
  8 H4481 Moreover I H7761 make [H8752]   H2942 a decree H3964 what H5648 ye shall do [H8748]   H5974 to H7868 the elders [H8750]   H479 of these H3062 Jews H1124 for the building [H8749]   H1791 of this H1005 house H426 of God H4430 : that of the king's H5232 goods H1768 , even of H4061 the tribute H5675 beyond H5103 the river H629 , forthwith H5313 expenses H1934 be [H8748]   H3052 given [H8727]   H479 unto these H1400 men H3809 , that they be not H989 hindered [H8749]  .