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1 Chronicles 21:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 H7969 Either three H8141 years H7458 ' famine H7969 ; or three H2320 months H5595 to be destroyed [H8737]   H6440 before H6862 thy foes H2719 , while that the sword H341 of thine enemies [H8802]   H5381 overtaketh [H8688]   H518 thee; or H7969 else three H3117 days H2719 the sword H3068 of the LORD H1698 , even the pestilence H776 , in the land H4397 , and the angel H3068 of the LORD H7843 destroying [H8688]   H1366 throughout all the coasts H3478 of Israel H7200 . Now therefore advise [H8798]   H1697 thyself what word H7725 I shall bring again [H8686]   H7971 to him that sent [H8802]   me.