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2 Chronicles 31:1 (KJV_Strongs)
  1 H3615 Now when all this was finished [H8763]   H3478 , all Israel H4672 that were present [H8737]   H3318 went out [H8804]   H5892 to the cities H3063 of Judah H7665 , and brake H4676 the images H7665 in pieces [H8762]   H1438 , and cut down [H8762]   H842 the groves H5422 , and threw down [H8762]   H1116 the high places H4196 and the altars H3063 out of all Judah H1144 and Benjamin H669 , in Ephraim H4519 also and Manasseh H3615 , until they had utterly destroyed [H8763]   H1121 them all. Then all the children H3478 of Israel H7725 returned [H8799]   H376 , every man H272 to his possession H5892 , into their own cities.