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1 Kings 6:27 (KJV_Strongs)
  27 H5414 And he set [H8799]   H3742 the cherubims H8432 within H6442 the inner H1004 house H6566 : and they stretched forth [H8799]   H3671 the wings H3742 of the cherubims H3671 , so that the wing H259 of the one H5060 touched [H8799]   H7023 the one wall H3671 , and the wing H8145 of the other H3742 cherub H5060 touched [H8802]   H8145 the other H7023 wall H3671 ; and their wings H5060 touched [H8802]   H3671 one H3671 another H8432 in the midst H1004 of the house.