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Jeremiah 38:22 (KJV_Strongs)
  22 H802 And, behold, all the women H7604 that are left [H8738]   H4428 in the king H3063 of Judah's H1004 house H3318 shall be brought forth [H8716]   H4428 to the king H894 of Babylon's H8269 princes H559 , and those women shall say [H8802]   H582 , Thy friends H7965   H5496 have set thee on [H8689]   H3201 , and have prevailed [H8804]   H7272 against thee: thy feet H2883 are sunk [H8717]   H1206 in the mire H5472 , and they are turned away [H8738]   H268 back.