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Exodus 35:35 (KJV_Strongs)
  35 H4390 Them hath he filled [H8765]   H2451 with wisdom H3820 of heart H6213 , to work [H8800]   H4399 all manner of work H2796 , of the engraver H2803 , and of the cunning workman [H8802]   H7551 , and of the embroiderer [H8802]   H8504 , in blue H713 , and in purple H8144 , in scarlet H8438   H8336 , and in fine linen H707 , and of the weaver [H8802]   H6213 , even of them that do [H8802]   H3605 any H4399 work H2803 , and of those that devise [H8802]   H4284 cunning work.