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Daniel 5:7 (KJV_Strongs)
  7 H4430 The king H7123 cried [H8748]   H2429 aloud H5954 to bring [H8682]   H826 in the astrologers H3779 , the Chaldeans H1505 , and the soothsayers [H8750]   H4430 . And the king H6032 spake [H8750]   H560 , and said [H8750]   H2445 to the wise H895 men of Babylon H606 , Whosoever H3606   H7123 shall read [H8751]   H1836 this H3792 writing H2324 , and shew [H8741]   H6591 me the interpretation H3848 thereof, shall be clothed [H8748]   H711 with scarlet H2002 , and have a chain H1722 of gold H5922 about H6676 his neck H8523 , and shall be the third H7981 ruler [H8748]   H4437 in the kingdom.