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Leviticus 4:35 (KJV_Strongs)
  35 H5493 And he shall take away [H8686]   H2459 all the fat H2459 thereof, as the fat H3775 of the lamb H5493 is taken away [H8714]   H2077 from the sacrifice H8002 of the peace offerings H3548 ; and the priest H6999 shall burn [H8689]   H4196 them upon the altar H801 , according to the offerings made by fire H3068 unto the LORD H3548 : and the priest H3722 shall make an atonement [H8765]   H2403 for his sin H2398 that he hath committed [H8804]   H5545 , and it shall be forgiven [H8738]   him.