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1 Samuel 20:3 (KJV_Strongs)
  3 H1732 And David H7650 sware [H8735]   H559 moreover, and said [H8799]   H1 , Thy father H3045 certainly [H8800]   H3045 knoweth [H8804]   H4672 that I have found [H8804]   H2580 grace H5869 in thine eyes H559 ; and he saith [H8799]   H3083 , Let not Jonathan H3045 know [H8799]   H6087 this, lest he be grieved [H8735]   H199 : but truly H3068 as the LORD H2416 liveth H5315 , and as thy soul H2416 liveth H6587 , there is but a step H4194 between me and death.