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2 Chronicles 5:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 H3881 Also the Levites H7891 which were the singers [H8789]   H623 , all of them of Asaph H1968 , of Heman H3038 , of Jeduthun H1121 , with their sons H251 and their brethren H3847 , being arrayed [H8794]   H948 in white linen H4700 , having cymbals H5035 and psalteries H3658 and harps H5975 , stood [H8802]   H4217 at the east end H4196 of the altar H3967 , and with them an hundred H6242 and twenty H3548 priests H2690 sounding [H8688]   H2689 with trumpets:)