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2 Kings 23:4 (KJV_Strongs)
  4 H4428 And the king H6680 commanded [H8762]   H2518 Hilkiah H1419 the high H3548 priest H3548 , and the priests H4932 of the second order H8104 , and the keepers [H8802]   H5592 of the door H3318 , to bring forth [H8687]   H1964 out of the temple H3068 of the LORD H3627 all the vessels H6213 that were made [H8803]   H1168 for Baal H842 , and for the grove H6635 , and for all the host H8064 of heaven H8313 : and he burned [H8799]   H2351 them without H3389 Jerusalem H7709 in the fields H6939 of Kidron H5375 , and carried [H8804]   H6083 the ashes H1008 of them unto Bethel.
Nehemiah 6:10 (KJV_Strongs)
  10 H935 Afterward I came [H8804]   H1004 unto the house H8098 of Shemaiah H1121 the son H1806 of Delaiah H1121 the son H4105 of Mehetabeel H6113 , who was shut up [H8803]   H559 ; and he said [H8799]   H3259 , Let us meet together [H8735]   H1004 in the house H430 of God H8432 , within H1964 the temple H5462 , and let us shut [H8799]   H1817 the doors H1964 of the temple H935 : for they will come [H8802]   H2026 to slay [H8800]   H3915 thee; yea, in the night H935 will they come [H8802]   H2026 to slay [H8800]   thee.