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1 Samuel 22:17 (KJV_Strongs)
  17 H4428 And the king H559 said [H8799]   H7323 unto the footmen [H8801]   H5324 that stood [H8737]   H5437 about him, Turn [H8798]   H4191 , and slay [H8685]   H3548 the priests H3068 of the LORD H3027 ; because their hand H1732 also is with David H3045 , and because they knew [H8804]   H1272 when he fled [H8802]   H1540 , and did not shew [H8804]   H241   H5650 it to me. But the servants H4428 of the king H14 would [H8804]   H7971 not put forth [H8800]   H3027 their hand H6293 to fall [H8800]   H3548 upon the priests H3068 of the LORD.
1 Samuel 31:4 (KJV_Strongs)
  4 H559 Then said [H8799]   H7586 Saul H5375 unto his armourbearer [H8802]   H3627   H8025 , Draw [H8798]   H2719 thy sword H1856 , and thrust me through [H8798]   H6189 therewith; lest these uncircumcised H935 come [H8799]   H1856 and thrust me through [H8804]   H5953 , and abuse [H8694]   H5375 me. But his armourbearer [H8802]   H3627   H14 would [H8804]   H3966 not; for he was sore H3372 afraid [H8804]   H7586 . Therefore Saul H3947 took [H8799]   H2719 a sword H5307 , and fell [H8799]   upon it.