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Acts 27:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 G1161 And G5225 because G3040 the haven G5225 was [G5723]   G428 not commodious G4314 to G3915 winter in G4119 , the more part G1012 advised G5087   [G5639]   G321 to depart [G5683]   G2547 thence also G1513 , if G4458 by any means G1410 they might [G5739]   G2658 attain [G5660]   G1519 to G5405 Phenice G3914 , and there to winter [G5658]   G3040 ; which is an haven G2914 of Crete G991 , and lieth [G5723]   G2596 toward G3047 the south west G2532 and G2596   G5566 north west.