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Luke 9:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 G1161 And G2250 when the day G756 began [G5662]   G2827 to wear away [G5721]   G1161 , then G4334 came [G5631]   G1427 the twelve G2036 , and said [G5632]   G846 unto him G630 , Send G3793 the multitude G630 away [G5657]   G2443 , that G565 they may go [G5631]   G1519 into G2968 the towns G2532 and G68 country G2945 round about G2647 , and lodge [G5661]   G2532 , and G2147 get [G5627]   G1979 victuals G3754 : for G2070 we are [G5748]   G5602 here G1722 in G2048 a desert G5117 place.