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Revelation 14:18 (KJV_Strongs)
  18 G2532 And G243 another G32 angel G1831 came [G5627]   G1537 out G2379 from the altar G2192 , which had [G5723]   G1849 power G1909 over G4442 fire G2532 ; and G5455 cried [G5656]   G3173 with a loud G2906 cry G2192 to him that had [G5723]   G3691 the sharp G1407 sickle G3004 , saying [G5723]   G3992 , Thrust in [G5657]   G4675 thy G3691 sharp G1407 sickle G2532 , and G5166 gather [G5657]   G1009 the clusters G288 of the vine G1093 of the earth G3754 ; for G846 her G4718 grapes G187 are fully ripe [G5656]  .