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Luke 14:10 (KJV_Strongs)
  10 G235 But G3752 when G2564 thou art bidden [G5686]   G4198 , go [G5679]   G377 and sit down [G5657]   G1519 in G2078 the lowest G5117 room G2443 ; that G3752 when G2564 he that bade [G5761]   G4571 thee G2064 cometh [G5632]   G2036 , he may say [G5632]   G4671 unto thee G5384 , Friend G4320 , go up [G5628]   G511 higher G5119 : then G4671 shalt thou G2071 have [G5704]   G1391 worship G1799 in the presence G4873 of them that sit at meat [G5740]   G4671 with thee.