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Luke 2:15 (KJV_Strongs)
  15 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass [G5633]   G5613 , as G32 the angels G565 were gone away [G5627]   G575 from G846 them G1519 into G3772 heaven G2532 , G444 the shepherds G4166   G2036 said [G5627]   G240 one G4314 to G240 another G1330 , Let us G1211 now G1330 go [G5632]   G2193 even unto G965 Bethlehem G2532 , and G1492 see [G5632]   G5124 this G4487 thing G1096 which is come to pass [G5756]   G3739 , which G3588   G2962 the Lord G1107 hath made known [G5656]   G2254 unto us.