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Strong's H8753
Stem -Peal See { [H8837]}
Mood -Participle Peil See { [H8815]}
Ezra 5:14 (KJV_Strongs)
  14 H3984 And the vessels H638 also H1768 of H1722 gold H3702 and silver H1005 of the house H426 of God H5020 , which Nebuchadnezzar H5312 took [H8684]   H4481 out of H1965 the temple H3390 that was in Jerusalem H2987 , and brought [H8684]   H1965 them into the temple H895 of Babylon H1994 , those H3567 did Cyrus H4430 the king H5312 take [H8684]   H4481 out of H1965 the temple H895 of Babylon H3052 , and they were delivered [H8753]   H8036 unto one, whose name H8340 was Sheshbazzar H7761 , whom he had made [H8754]   H6347 governor;
Ezra 5:14 (IHOT)
  14 H638 ואף also H3984 מאניא And the vessels H1768 די of H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God, H1768 די of H1722 דהבה gold H3702 וכספא and silver H1768 די which H5020 נבוכדנצר Nebuchadnezzar H5312 הנפק took H4481 מן out of H1965 היכלא the temple H1768 די that H3390 בירושׁלם in Jerusalem, H2987 והיבל and brought H1994 המו them H1965 להיכלא into the temple H1768 די of H895 בבל Babylon, H5312 הנפק take H1994 המו those H3567 כורשׁ did Cyrus H4430 מלכא the king H4481 מן out of H1965 היכלא the temple H1768 די of H895 בבל Babylon, H3052 ויהיבו and they were delivered H8340 לשׁשׁבצר Sheshbazzar, H8036 שׁמה unto whose name H1768 די whom H6347 פחה governor; H7761 שׂמה׃ he had made
Daniel 7:4 (IHOT)
  4 H6933 קדמיתא The first H744 כאריה like a lion, H1611 וגפין wings: H1768 די till H5403 נשׁר   H2370 לה חזה   H1934 הוית   H5705 עד till H1768 די   H4804 מריטו thereof were plucked, H1611 גפיה the wings H5191 ונטילת and it was lifted up H4481 מן from H772 ארעא the earth, H5922 ועל upon H7271 רגלין the feet H606 כאנשׁ as a man, H6966 הקימת and made stand H3825 ולבב heart H606 אנשׁ and a man's H3052 יהיב׃ was given
Daniel 7:7 (KJV_Strongs)
  7 H870 After H1836 this H1934 I saw [H8754]   H2370   [H8751]   H3916 in the night H2376 visions H718 , and behold H7244 a fourth H2423 beast H1763 , dreadful [H8753]   H574 and terrible H8624 , and strong H3493 exceedingly H7260 ; and it had great H6523 iron H8128 teeth H399 : it devoured [H8750]   H1855 and brake in pieces [H8683]   H7512 , and stamped [H8751]   H7606 the residue H7271 with the feet H1932 of it: and it H8133 was diverse [H8743]   H4481 from H3606 all H2423 the beasts H6925 that were before H6236 it; and it had ten H7162 horns.
Daniel 7:7 (IHOT)
  7 H870 באתר After H1836 דנה this H2370 חזה   H1934 הוית   H2376 בחזוי visions, H3916 ליליא in the night H718 וארו and behold H2423 חיוה beast, H7244 רביעיה a fourth H1763 דחילה dreadful H574 ואימתני and terrible, H8624 ותקיפא and strong H3493 יתירא exceedingly; H8128 ושׁנין teeth: H1768 די iron H6523 פרזל iron H7260 לה רברבן and it had great H399 אכלה it devoured H1855 ומדקה and broke in pieces, H7606 ושׁארא the residue H7271 ברגליה with the feet H7512 רפסה and stamped H1932 והיא of it: and it H8133 משׁניה diverse H4481 מן from H3606 כל all H2423 חיותא the beasts H1768 די that H6925 קדמיה before H7162 וקרנין horns. H6236 עשׂר׃ it; and it had ten
Daniel 7:12 (IHOT)
  12 H7606 ושׁאר As concerning the rest H2423 חיותא of the beasts, H5709 העדיו taken away: H7985 שׁלטנהון they had their dominion H754 וארכה were prolonged H2417 בחיין yet their lives H3052 יהיבת were prolonged H5705 להון עד for H2166 זמן a season H5732 ועדן׃ and time.
Daniel 7:14 (IHOT)
  14 H3052 ולה יהיב And there was given H7985 שׁלטן him dominion, H3367 ויקר and glory, H4437 ומלכו and a kingdom, H3606 וכל that all H5972 עממיא people, H524 אמיא nations, H3961 ולשׁניא and languages, H6399 לה יפלחון should serve H7985 שׁלטנה him: his dominion H7985 שׁלטן dominion, H5957 עלם an everlasting H1768 די which H3809 לא shall not H5709 יעדה pass away, H4437 ומלכותה and his kingdom H1768 די which H3809 לא shall not H2255 תתחבל׃ be destroyed.
Daniel 7:19 (IHOT)
  19 H116 אדין Then H6634 צבית I would H3321 ליצבא the truth H5922 על of H2423 חיותא beast, H7244 רביעיתא the fourth H1768 די which H1934 הות was H8133 שׁניה diverse H4481 מן from H3605 כלהון   H1763 דחילה dreadful, H3493 יתירה the others, exceeding H8128 שׁניה whose teeth H1768 די of H6523 פרזל iron, H2953 וטפריה and his nails H1768 די of H5174 נחשׁ brass; H399 אכלה devoured, H1855 מדקה broke in pieces, H7606 ושׁארא the residue H7271 ברגליה with his feet; H7512 רפסה׃ and stamped
Daniel 7:27 (IHOT)
  27 H4437 ומלכותה And the kingdom H7985 ושׁלטנא and dominion, H7238 ורבותא and the greatness H1768 די of H4437 מלכות the kingdom H8460 תחות under H3606 כל the whole H8065 שׁמיא heaven, H3052 יהיבת shall be given H5972 לעם to the people H6922 קדישׁי of the saints H5946 עליונין of the most High, H4437 מלכותה whose kingdom H4437 מלכות kingdom, H5957 עלם an everlasting H3606 וכל and all H7985 שׁלטניא dominions H6399 לה יפלחון shall serve H8086 וישׁתמעון׃ and obey