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Strong's H8745
Stem -Pael See { [H8835]}
Mood -Perfect See { [H8816]}
Ezra 5:2 (IHOT)
  2 H116 באדין Then H6966 קמו rose up H2217 זרבבל Zerubbabel H1247 בר the son H7598 שׁאלתיאל of Shealtiel, H3443 וישׁוע and Jeshua H1247 בר the son H3136 יוצדק of Jozadak, H8271 ושׁריו and began H1124 למבנא to build H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem: H5974 ועמהון and with H5029 נביאיא them the prophets H1768 די of H426 אלהא God H5583 מסעדין׃ helping
Ezra 6:1 (IHOT)
  1 H116 באדין Then H1868 דריושׁ Darius H4430 מלכא the king H7761 שׂם made H2942 טעם a decree, H1240 ובקרו and search was made H1005 בבית in the house H5609 ספריא of the rolls, H1768 די where H1596 גנזיא the treasures H5182 מהחתין were laid up H8536 תמה where H895 בבבל׃ in Babylon.
Ezra 6:12 (IHOT)
  12 H426 ואלהא And the God H1768 די that H7932 שׁכן to dwell H8036 שׁמה hath caused his name H8536 תמה there H4049 ימגר destroy H3606 כל all H4430 מלך kings H5972 ועם and people, H1768 די that H7972 ישׁלח shall put H3028 ידה to their hand H8133 להשׁניה to alter H2255 לחבלה to destroy H1005 בית house H426 אלהא of God H1791 דך this H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem. H576 אנה I H1868 דריושׁ Darius H7761 שׂמת have made H2942 טעם a decree; H629 אספרנא with speed. H5648 יתעבד׃ let it be done
Daniel 2:24 (KJV_Strongs)
  24 H3606 Therefore H6903   H1836   H1841 Daniel H5954 went in [H8754]   H5922 unto H746 Arioch H4430 , whom the king H4483 had ordained [H8745]   H7 to destroy [H8682]   H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H236 : he went [H8754]   H560 and said [H8754]   H3652 thus H7 unto him; Destroy [H8681]   H409 not H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon H5954 : bring me in [H8680]   H6925 before H4430 the king H2324 , and I will shew [H8741]   H4430 unto the king H6591 the interpretation.
Daniel 2:24 (IHOT)
  24 H3606 כל   H6903 קבל   H1836 דנה   H1841 דניאל Daniel H5954 על went in H5922 על unto H746 אריוך Arioch, H1768 די whom H4483 מני had ordained H4430 מלכא the king H7 להובדה to destroy H2445 לחכימי the wise H895 בבל of Babylon: H236 אזל he went H3652 וכן thus H560 אמר and said H2445 לה לחכימי the wise H895 בבל of Babylon: H409 אל not H7 תהובד unto him; Destroy H5954 העלני   H6925 קדם before H4430 מלכא the king, H6591 ופשׁרא the interpretation. H4430 למלכא unto the king H2324 אחוא׃ and I will show
Daniel 3:12 (IHOT)
  12 H383 איתי There are H1400 גברין certain H3062 יהודאין Jews H1768 די whom H4483 מנית thou hast set H3487 יתהון   H5922 על over H5673 עבידת the affairs H4083 מדינת of the province H895 בבל of Babylon, H7715 שׁדרך Shadrach, H4336 מישׁך Meshach, H5665 ועבד נגו and Abed-nego; H1400 גבריא men, H479 אלך these H3809 לא have not H7761 שׂמו regarded H5921 עליך   H4430 מלכא O king, H2942 טעם   H426 לאלהיך thy gods, H3809 לא not H6399 פלחין thee: they serve H6755 ולצלם image H1722 דהבא the golden H1768 די which H6966 הקימת thou hast set up. H3809 לא nor H5457 סגדין׃ worship
Daniel 3:22 (IHOT)
  22 H3606 כל   H6903 קבל   H1836 דנה   H4481 מן because H1768 די because H4406 מלת commandment H4430 מלכא the king's H2685 מחצפה was urgent, H861 ואתונא and the furnace H228 אזה hot, H3493 יתירא exceeding H1400 גבריא men H479 אלך those H1768 די of H5267 הסקו took up H7715 לשׁדרך Shadrach, H4336 מישׁך Meshach, H5665 ועבד נגו and Abed-nego. H6992 קטל slew H1994 המון   H7631 שׁביבא the flame H1768 די that H5135 נורא׃ the fire
Daniel 3:28 (KJV_Strongs)
  28 H5020 Then Nebuchadnezzar H6032 spake [H8750]   H560 , and said [H8750]   H1289 , Blessed [H8752]   H426 be the God H7715 of Shadrach H4336 , Meshach H5665 , and Abednego H7972 , who hath sent [H8754]   H4398 his angel H7804 , and delivered [H8758]   H5649 his servants H7365 that trusted [H8702]   H5922 in him H8133 , and have changed [H8745]   H4430 the king's H4406 word H3052 , and yielded [H8754]   H1655 their bodies H3809 , that they might not H6399 serve [H8748]   H3809 nor H5457 worship [H8748]   H3606 any H426 god H3861 , except H426 their own God.
Daniel 3:28 (IHOT)
  28 H6032 ענה spoke, H5020 נבוכדנצר Nebuchadnezzar H560 ואמר and said, H1289 בריך Blessed H426 אלההון the God H1768 די of H7715 שׁדרך Shadrach, H4336 מישׁך Meshach, H5665 ועבד נגו and Abed-nego, H1768 די who H7972 שׁלח hath sent H4398 מלאכה his angel, H7804 ושׁיזב and delivered H5649 לעבדוהי his servants H1768 די that H7365 התרחצו trusted H5922 עלוהי in H4406 ומלת word, H4430 מלכא the king's H8133 שׁניו him, and have changed H3052 ויהבו and yielded H1655 גשׁמיהון their bodies, H1768 די that H3809 לא they might not H6399 יפלחון serve H3809 ולא nor H5457 יסגדון worship H3606 לכל any H426 אלה god, H3861 להן except H426 לאלההון׃ their own God.
Daniel 4:14 (IHOT)
  14 H7123 קרא He cried H2429 בחיל aloud, H3652 וכן thus, H560 אמר and said H1414 גדו Hew down H363 אילנא the tree, H7113 וקצצו and cut off H6056 ענפוהי his branches, H5426 אתרו shake off H6074 עפיה his leaves, H921 ובדרו and scatter H4 אנבה his fruit: H5111 תנד get away H2423 חיותא let the beasts H4481 מן from H8479 תחתוהי under H6853 וצפריא it, and the fowls H4481 מן from H6056 ענפוהי׃ his branches:
Daniel 4:34 (KJV_Strongs)
  34 H7118 And at the end H3118 of the days H576 I H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H5191 lifted up [H8754]   H5870 mine eyes H8065 unto heaven H4486 , and mine understanding H8421 returned [H8748]   H5922 unto me H1289 , and I blessed [H8745]   H5943 the most High H7624 , and I praised [H8745]   H1922 and honoured [H8745]   H2417 him that liveth H5957 for ever H7985 , whose dominion H5957 is an everlasting H7985 dominion H4437 , and his kingdom H5974 is from H1859 generation H1859 to generation:
Daniel 4:34 (IHOT)
  34 H7118 ולקצת And at the end H3118 יומיה of the days H576 אנה I H5020 נבוכדנצר Nebuchadnezzar H5870 עיני mine eyes H8065 לשׁמיא unto heaven, H5191 נטלת lifted up H4486 ומנדעי and mine understanding H5922 עלי unto H8421 יתוב returned H5943 ולעליא the most High, H1289 ברכת me, and I blessed H2417 ולחי him that liveth H5957 עלמא forever, H7624 שׁבחת and I praised H1922 והדרת and honored H1768 די whose H7985 שׁלטנה dominion H7985 שׁלטן dominion, H5957 עלם an everlasting H4437 ומלכותה and his kingdom H5974 עם from H1859 דר generation H1859 ודר׃ to generation:
Daniel 5:4 (IHOT)
  4 H8355 אשׁתיו They drank H2562 חמרא wine, H7624 ושׁבחו and praised H426 לאלהי the gods H1722 דהבא of gold, H3702 וכספא and of silver, H5174 נחשׁא of brass, H6523 פרזלא of iron, H636 אעא of wood, H69 ואבנא׃ and of stone.
Daniel 5:21 (KJV_Strongs)
  21 H2957 And he was driven [H8752]   H4481 from H1123 the sons H606 of men H3825 ; and his heart H7739 was made [H8745]   H5974 like H2423 the beasts H4070 , and his dwelling H6167 was with the wild asses H2939 : they fed [H8748]   H6211 him with grass H8450 like oxen H1655 , and his body H6647 was wet [H8721]   H2920 with the dew H8065 of heaven H5705 ; till H3046 he knew [H8754]   H5943 that the most high H426 God H7990 ruled H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men H6966 , and that he appointeth [H8681]   H5922 over H4479 it whomsoever H6634 he will [H8748]  .
Daniel 5:21 (IHOT)
  21 H4481 ומן from H1123 בני the sons H606 אנשׁא of men; H2957 טריד And he was driven H3825 ולבבה and his heart H5974 עם like H2423 חיותא the beasts, H7739 שׁוי was made H5974 ועם with H6167 ערדיא the wild asses: H4070 מדורה and his dwelling H6211 עשׂבא him with grass H8450 כתורין like oxen, H2939 יטעמונה they fed H2920 ומטל with the dew H8065 שׁמיא of heaven; H1655 גשׁמה and his body H6647 יצטבע was wet H5705 עד till H1768 די till H3046 ידע he knew H1768 די that H7990 שׁליט ruled H426 אלהא God H5943 עליא the most high H4437 במלכות in the kingdom H606 אנשׁא of men, H4479 ולמן it whomsoever H1768 די it whomsoever H6634 יצבה he will. H6966 יהקים and he appointeth H5921 עליה׃  
Daniel 5:23 (KJV_Strongs)
  23 H7313 But hast lifted up [H8712]   H5922 thyself against H4756 the Lord H8065 of heaven H858 ; and they have brought [H8684]   H3984 the vessels H1005 of his house H6925 before H607 thee, and thou H7261 , and thy lords H7695 , thy wives H3904 , and thy concubines H8355 , have drunk [H8750]   H2562 wine H7624 in them; and thou hast praised [H8745]   H426 the gods H3702 of silver H1722 , and gold H5174 , of brass H6523 , iron H636 , wood H69 , and stone H2370 , which see [H8751]   H3809 not H3809 , nor H8086 hear [H8750]   H3809 , nor H3046 know [H8751]   H426 : and the God H3028 in whose hand H5396 thy breath H3606 is, and whose are all H735 thy ways H3809 , hast thou not H1922 glorified [H8745]  :
Daniel 5:23 (IHOT)
  23 H5922 ועל against H4756 מרא the Lord H8065 שׁמיא of heaven; H7313 התרוממת But hast lifted up thyself H3984 ולמאניא the vessels H1768 די of H1005 ביתה his house H858 היתיו and they have brought H6925 קדמיך before H607 ואנתה thee, and thou, H7261 ורברבניך and thy lords, H7695 שׁגלתך thy wives, H3904 ולחנתך and thy concubines, H2562 חמרא wine H8355 שׁתין have drunk H426 בהון ולאלהי the gods H3702 כספא of silver, H1722 ודהבא and gold, H5174 נחשׁא of brass, H6523 פרזלא iron, H636 אעא wood, H69 ואבנא and stone, H1768 די which H3809 לא not, H2370 חזין see H3809 ולא nor H8086 שׁמעין hear, H3809 ולא nor H3046 ידעין know: H7624 שׁבחת in them; and thou hast praised H426 ולאלהא and the God H1768 די in whose H5396 נשׁמתך thy breath H3028 בידה hand H3606 וכל and whose all H735 ארחתך thy ways, H3809 לה לא hast thou not H1922 הדרת׃ glorified:
Daniel 6:22 (IHOT)
  22 H426 אלהי My God H7972 שׁלח hath sent H4398 מלאכה his angel, H5463 וסגר and hath shut H6433 פם mouths, H744 אריותא the lions' H3809 ולא that they have not H2255 חבלוני hurt H3606 כל me: forasmuch as H6903 קבל   H1768 די   H6925 קדמוהי before H2136 זכו him innocency H7912 השׁתכחת was found H638 לי ואף in me; and also H6925 קדמיך before H4430 מלכא thee, O king, H2248 חבולה hurt. H3809 לא no H5648 עבדת׃ have I done