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Strong's H8732
Stem -Ithpeil See { [H8831]}
Mood -Participle See { [H8813]}
Ezra 5:8 (IHOT)
  8 H3046 ידיע it known H1934 להוא Be H4430 למלכא unto the king, H1768 די that H236 אזלנא we went H3061 ליהוד of Judea, H4083 מדינתא into the province H1005 לבית to the house H426 אלהא God, H7229 רבא of the great H1932 והוא which H1124 מתבנא is built H69 אבן stones, H1560 גלל with great H636 ואע and timber H7761 מתשׂם is laid H3797 בכתליא in the walls, H5673 ועבידתא work H1791 דך and this H629 אספרנא fast on, H5648 מתעבדא goeth H6744 ומצלח and prospereth H3028 בידהם׃ in their hands.