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Strong's H8724
Stem -Ithpael See { [H8828]}
Mood -Perfect See { [H8816]}
Ezra 7:15 (IHOT)
  15 H2987 ולהיבלה And to carry H3702 כסף the silver H1722 ודהב and gold, H1768 די which H4430 מלכא the king H3272 ויעטוהי and his counselors H5069 התנדבו have freely offered H426 לאלה unto the God H3479 ישׂראל of Israel, H1768 די whose H3390 בירושׁלם in Jerusalem, H4907 משׁכנה׃ habitation
Daniel 2:9 (KJV_Strongs)
  9 H2006 But if H3809 ye will not H3046 make known [H8681]   H2493 unto me the dream H1932 , there is but one H2298   H1882 decree H2164 for you: for ye have prepared [H8724]   H3538 lying H7844 and corrupt [H8752]   H4406 words H560 to speak [H8749]   H6925 before H5705 me, till H5732 the time H8133 be changed [H8721]   H3861 : therefore H560 tell [H8747]   H2493 me the dream H3046 , and I shall know [H8748]   H1768 that H2324 ye can shew [H8681]   H6591 me the interpretation thereof.
Daniel 2:9 (IHOT)
  9 H1768 די But H2006 הן if H2493 חלמא unto me the dream, H3809 לא ye will not H3046 תהודענני make known H2298 חדה one H1932 היא   H1882 דתכון decree H4406 ומלה words H3538 כדבה lying H7844 ושׁחיתה and corrupt H2164 הזמנתון for you: for ye have prepared H560 למאמר to speak H6925 קדמי before H5705 עד me, till H1768 די me, till H5732 עדנא the time H8133 ישׁתנא be changed: H2006 להן   H2493 חלמא me the dream, H560 אמרו tell H3046 לי ואנדע and I shall know H1768 די that H6591 פשׁרה me the interpretation H2324 תהחונני׃ ye can show
Daniel 3:19 (IHOT)
  19 H116 באדין Then H5020 נבוכדנצר was Nebuchadnezzar H4391 התמלי full H2528 חמא of fury, H6755 וצלם and the form H600 אנפוהי of his visage H8133 אשׁתנו was changed H5922 על against H7715 שׁדרך Shadrach, H4336 מישׁך Meshach, H5665 ועבד נגו and Abed-nego: H6032 ענה he spoke, H560 ואמר and commanded H228 למזא that they should heat H861 לאתונא the furnace H2298 חד one H7655 שׁבעה seven times H5922 על more H1768 די than H2370 חזה it was wont H228 למזיה׃ to be heated.
Daniel 3:27 (KJV_Strongs)
  27 H324 And the princes H5460 , governors H6347 , and captains H4430 , and the king's H1907 counsellors H3673 , being gathered together [H8723]   H2370 , saw [H8751]   H479 these H1400 men H1655 , upon whose bodies H5135 the fire H3809 had no H7981 power [H8754]   H3809 , nor H8177 was an hair H7217 of their head H2761 singed [H8724]   H3809 , neither H5622 were their coats H8133 changed [H8754]   H3809 , nor H7382 the smell H5135 of fire H5709 had passed [H8754]   on them.
Daniel 3:27 (IHOT)
  27 H3673 ומתכנשׁין being gathered together, H324 אחשׁדרפניא And the princes, H5460 סגניא governors, H6347 ופחותא and captains, H1907 והדברי counselors, H4430 מלכא and the king's H2370 חזין saw H1400 לגבריא men, H479 אלך these H1768 די upon whose H3809 לא had no power, H7981 שׁלט had no power, H5135 נורא the fire H1655 בגשׁמהון bodies H8177 ושׂער was a hair H7217 ראשׁהון of their head H3809 לא nor H2761 התחרך singed, H5622 וסרבליהון were their coats H3809 לא neither H8133 שׁנו changed, H7382 וריח the smell H5135 נור of fire H3809 לא nor H5709 עדת׃ had passed
Daniel 6:7 (KJV_Strongs)
  7 H3606 All H5632 the presidents H4437 of the kingdom H5460 , the governors H324 , and the princes H1907 , the counsellors H6347 , and the captains H3272 , have consulted together [H8724]   H6966 to establish [H8742]   H4430 a royal H7010 statute H8631 , and to make a firm [H8742]   H633 decree H1156 , that whosoever shall ask [H8748]   H1159 a petition H4481 of H3606 any H426 God H606 or man H5705 for H8533 thirty H3118 days H3861 , save H4481 of thee H4430 , O king H7412 , he shall be cast [H8729]   H1358 into the den H744 of lions.
Daniel 6:7 (IHOT)
  7 H3272 אתיעטו have consulted together H3606 כל All H5632 סרכי the presidents H4437 מלכותא of the kingdom, H5460 סגניא the governors, H324 ואחשׁדרפניא and the princes, H1907 הדבריא the counselors, H6347 ופחותא and the captains, H6966 לקימה to establish H7010 קים statute, H4430 מלכא a royal H8631 ולתקפה and to make a firm H633 אסר decree, H1768 די that H3606 כל whosoever H1768 די whosoever H1156 יבעה shall ask H1159 בעו a petition H4481 מן of H3606 כל any H426 אלה God H606 ואנשׁ or man H5705 עד for H3118 יומין days, H8533 תלתין thirty H3861 להן save H4481 מנך of H4430 מלכא thee, O king, H7412 יתרמא he shall be cast H1358 לגב into the den H744 אריותא׃ of lions.