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Strong's H8706
Stem -Hithpoel See { [H8823]}
Mood -Participle See { [H8813]}
Exodus 9:17 (IHOT)
  17 H5750 עודך As yet H5549 מסתולל exaltest thou thyself H5971 בעמי against my people, H1115 לבלתי that thou wilt not H7971 שׁלחם׃ let them go?
2 Samuel 20:12 (IHOT)
  12 H6021 ועמשׂא And Amasa H1556 מתגלל wallowed H1818 בדם in blood H8432 בתוך in the midst H4546 המסלה of the highway. H7200 וירא saw H376 האישׁ And when the man H3588 כי that H5975 עמד stood still, H3605 כל all H5971 העם the people H5437 ויסב he removed H853 את   H6021 עמשׂא Amasa H4480 מן out of H4546 המסלה the highway H7704 השׂדה into the field, H7993 וישׁלך and cast H5921 עליו upon H899 בגד a cloth H834 כאשׁר him, when H7200 ראה he saw H3605 כל that every H935 הבא one that came H5921 עליו by H5975 ועמד׃ him stood still.
Jeremiah 41:5 (IHOT)
  5 H935 ויבאו That there came H376 אנשׁים certain H7927 משׁכם   H7887 משׁלו   H8111 ומשׁמרון   H8084 שׁמנים fourscore H376 אישׁ men, H1548 מגלחי shaven, H2206 זקן having their beards H7167 וקרעי rent, H899 בגדים and their clothes H1413 ומתגדדים and having cut themselves, H4503 ומנחה with offerings H3828 ולבונה and incense H3027 בידם in their hand, H935 להביא to bring H1004 בית to the house H3068 יהוה׃ of the LORD.
Zechariah 9:16 (IHOT)
  16 H3467 והושׁיעם shall save H3068 יהוה And the LORD H430 אלהיהם their God H3117 ביום day H1931 ההוא them in that H6629 כצאן as the flock H5971 עמו of his people: H3588 כי for H68 אבני they the stones H5145 נזר of a crown, H5264 מתנוססות lifted up as an ensign H5921 על upon H127 אדמתו׃ his land.