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Strong's H8683
Stem -Aphel See { [H8817]}
Mood -Participle See { [H8813]}
Ezra 4:15 (KJV_Strongs)
  15 H1240 That search [H8741]   H5609 may be made in the book H1799 of the records H2 of thy fathers H7912 : so shalt thou find [H8681]   H5609 in the book H1799 of the records H3046 , and know [H8748]   H1791 that this H7149 city H4779 is a rebellious H7149 city H5142 , and hurtful [H8683]   H4430 unto kings H4083 and provinces H5648 , and that they have moved [H8751]   H849 sedition H1459 within the same H4481 of H5957 old H3118 time H5922 : for H1836 which H1791 cause was this H7149 city H2718 destroyed [H8717]  .
Ezra 4:15 (IHOT)
  15 H1768 די That H1240 יבקר search may be made H5609 בספר in the book H1799 דכרניא of the records H1768 די of H2 אבהתך thy fathers: H7912 ותהשׁכח so shalt thou find H5609 בספר in the book H1799 דכרניא of the records, H3046 ותנדע and know H1768 די that H7149 קריתא city H1791 דך this H7149 קריא city, H4779 מרדא a rebellious H5142 ומהנזקת and hurtful H4430 מלכין unto kings H4083 ומדנן and provinces, H849 ואשׁתדור sedition H5648 עבדין and that they have moved H1459 בגוה within the same H4481 מן of H3118 יומת time: H5957 עלמא old H5922 על for H1836 דנה which cause H7149 קריתא city H1791 דך was this H2718 החרבת׃ destroyed.
Ezra 5:2 (IHOT)
  2 H116 באדין Then H6966 קמו rose up H2217 זרבבל Zerubbabel H1247 בר the son H7598 שׁאלתיאל of Shealtiel, H3443 וישׁוע and Jeshua H1247 בר the son H3136 יוצדק of Jozadak, H8271 ושׁריו and began H1124 למבנא to build H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם at Jerusalem: H5974 ועמהון and with H5029 נביאיא them the prophets H1768 די of H426 אלהא God H5583 מסעדין׃ helping
Ezra 5:8 (IHOT)
  8 H3046 ידיע it known H1934 להוא Be H4430 למלכא unto the king, H1768 די that H236 אזלנא we went H3061 ליהוד of Judea, H4083 מדינתא into the province H1005 לבית to the house H426 אלהא God, H7229 רבא of the great H1932 והוא which H1124 מתבנא is built H69 אבן stones, H1560 גלל with great H636 ואע and timber H7761 מתשׂם is laid H3797 בכתליא in the walls, H5673 ועבידתא work H1791 דך and this H629 אספרנא fast on, H5648 מתעבדא goeth H6744 ומצלח and prospereth H3028 בידהם׃ in their hands.
Ezra 6:1 (IHOT)
  1 H116 באדין Then H1868 דריושׁ Darius H4430 מלכא the king H7761 שׂם made H2942 טעם a decree, H1240 ובקרו and search was made H1005 בבית in the house H5609 ספריא of the rolls, H1768 די where H1596 גנזיא the treasures H5182 מהחתין were laid up H8536 תמה where H895 בבבל׃ in Babylon.
Ezra 6:10 (IHOT)
  10 H1768 די That H1934 להון they may H7127 מהקרבין offer H5208 ניחוחין sacrifices of sweet savors H426 לאלה unto the God H8065 שׁמיא of heaven, H6739 ומצלין and pray H2417 לחיי for the life H4430 מלכא of the king, H1123 ובנוהי׃ and of his sons.
Ezra 6:14 (KJV_Strongs)
  14 H7868 And the elders [H8750]   H3062 of the Jews H1124 builded [H8750]   H6744 , and they prospered [H8683]   H5017 through the prophesying H2292 of Haggai H5029 the prophet H2148 and Zechariah H1247 the son H5714 of Iddo H1124 . And they builded [H8754]   H3635 , and finished [H8806]   H4481 it, according H2941 to the commandment H426 of the God H3479 of Israel H2942 , and according to the commandment H3567 of Cyrus H1868 , and Darius H783 , and Artaxerxes H4430 king H6540 of Persia.
Ezra 6:14 (IHOT)
  14 H7868 ושׂבי And the elders H3062 יהודיא of the Jews H1124 בנין built, H6744 ומצלחין and they prospered H5017 בנבואת through the prophesying H2292 חגי of Haggai H5029 נביאה the prophet H2148 וזכריה and Zechariah H1247 בר the son H5714 עדוא of Iddo. H1124 ובנו And they built, H3635 ושׁכללו and finished H4481 מן according H2941 טעם to the commandment H426 אלה of the God H3479 ישׂראל of Israel, H2942 ומטעם the commandment H3567 כורשׁ of Cyrus, H1868 ודריושׁ and Darius, H783 וארתחשׁשׂתא and Artaxerxes H4430 מלך king H6540 פרס׃ of Persia.
Ezra 7:24 (IHOT)
  24 H3046 ולכם מהודעין Also we certify H1768 די you, that H3606 כל touching any H3549 כהניא of the priests H3879 ולויא and Levites, H2171 זמריא singers, H8652 תרעיא porters, H5412 נתיניא Nethinims, H6399 ופלחי or ministers H1005 בית house H426 אלהא of God, H1836 דנה of this H4061 מנדה toll, H1093 בלו tribute, H1983 והלך or custom, H3809 לא it shall not H7990 שׁליט be lawful H7412 למרמא to impose H5922 עליהם׃ upon
Daniel 2:21 (IHOT)
  21 H1932 והוא And he H8133 מהשׁנא changeth H5732 עדניא the times H2166 וזמניא and the seasons: H5709 מהעדה he removeth H4430 מלכין kings, H6966 ומהקים and setteth up H4430 מלכין kings: H3052 יהב he giveth H2452 חכמתא wisdom H2445 לחכימין unto the wise, H4486 ומנדעא and knowledge H3046 לידעי to them that know H999 בינה׃ understanding:
Daniel 2:23 (IHOT)
  23 H426 לך אלה thee, O thou God H2 אבהתי of my fathers, H3029 מהודא thank H7624 ומשׁבח thee, and praise H576 אנה I H1768 די who H2452 חכמתא me wisdom H1370 וגבורתא and might, H3052 יהבת hast given H3705 לי וכען unto me now H3046 הודעתני and hast made known H1768 די what H1156 בעינא we desired H4481 מנך of H1768 די thee: for H4406 מלת matter. H4430 מלכא unto us the king's H3046 הודעתנא׃ thou hast made known
Daniel 2:45 (KJV_Strongs)
  45 H3606 Forasmuch as H6903   H2370 thou sawest [H8754]   H69 that the stone H1505 was cut out [H8728]   H2906 of the mountain H3809 without H3028 hands H1855 , and that it brake in pieces [H8684]   H6523 the iron H5174 , the brass H2635 , the clay H3702 , the silver H1722 , and the gold H7229 ; the great H426 God H3046 hath made known [H8684]   H4430 to the king H4101 what H1934 shall come to pass [H8748]   H311 hereafter H1836   H2493 : and the dream H3330 is certain H6591 , and the interpretation H540 thereof sure [H8683]  .
Daniel 2:45 (IHOT)
  45 H3606 כל   H6903 קבל   H1768 די that H2370 חזית thou sawest H1768 די without H2906 מטורא of the mountain H1505 אתגזרת was cut out H69 אבן the stone H1768 די what H3809 לא without H3028 בידין hands, H1855 והדקת and that it broke in pieces H6523 פרזלא the iron, H5174 נחשׁא the brass, H2635 חספא the clay, H3702 כספא the silver, H1722 ודהבא and the gold; H426 אלה God H7229 רב the great H3046 הודע hath made known H4430 למלכא to the king H4101 מה what H1768 די   H1934 להוא shall come to pass H311 אחרי hereafter: H1836 דנה hereafter: H3330 ויציב certain, H2493 חלמא and the dream H540 ומהימן thereof sure. H6591 פשׁרה׃ and the interpretation
Daniel 3:22 (IHOT)
  22 H3606 כל   H6903 קבל   H1836 דנה   H4481 מן because H1768 די because H4406 מלת commandment H4430 מלכא the king's H2685 מחצפה was urgent, H861 ואתונא and the furnace H228 אזה hot, H3493 יתירא exceeding H1400 גבריא men H479 אלך those H1768 די of H5267 הסקו took up H7715 לשׁדרך Shadrach, H4336 מישׁך Meshach, H5665 ועבד נגו and Abed-nego. H6992 קטל slew H1994 המון   H7631 שׁביבא the flame H1768 די that H5135 נורא׃ the fire
Daniel 4:7 (IHOT)
  7 H116 באדין Then H5954 עללין came in H2749 חרטמיא the magicians, H826 אשׁפיא the astrologers, H3779 כשׂדיא the Chaldeans, H1505 וגזריא and the soothsayers: H2493 וחלמא the dream H560 אמר told H576 אנה and I H6925 קדמיהון before H6591 ופשׁרה unto me the interpretation H3809 לא them; but they did not H3046 מהודעין׃ make known
Daniel 5:19 (KJV_Strongs)
  19 H4481 And for H7238 the majesty H3052 that he gave [H8754]   H3606 him, all H5972 people H524 , nations H3961 , and languages H1934 , trembled [H8754]   H2112   H1763 and feared [H8751]   H4481 before H6925 him H1934 : whom he would [H8754]   H6634   [H8750]   H1934 he slew [H8754]   H6992   [H8751]   H1934 ; and whom he would [H8754]   H6634   [H8750]   H1934 he kept alive [H8754]   H2418   [H8683]   H1934 ; and whom he would [H8754]   H6634   [H8750]   H1934 he set up [H8754]   H7313   [H8683]   H1934 ; and whom he would [H8754]   H6634   [H8750]   H1934 he put down [H8754]   H8214   [H8683]  .
Daniel 5:19 (IHOT)
  19 H4481 ומן And for H7238 רבותא the majesty H1768 די that H3052 יהב he gave H3606 לה כל him, all H5972 עממיא people, H524 אמיא nations, H3961 ולשׁניא and languages, H1934 הוו trembled H2112 זאעין trembled H1763 ודחלין and feared H4481 מן before H6925 קדמוהי before H1768 די him: whom H1934 הוה he would H6634 צבא he would H1934 הוא he slew; H6992 קטל he slew; H1768 ודי and whom H1934 הוה he would H6634 צבא he would H1934 הוה he kept alive; H2418 מחא he kept alive; H1768 ודי and whom H1934 הוה he would H6634 צבא he would H1934 הוה he set up; H7313 מרים he set up; H1768 ודי and whom H1934 הוה he would H6634 צבא he would H1934 הוה he put down. H8214 משׁפיל׃ he put down.
Daniel 6:4 (KJV_Strongs)
  4 H116 Then H5632 the presidents H324 and princes H1934 sought [H8754]   H1156   [H8750]   H7912 to find [H8682]   H5931 occasion H1841 against Daniel H6655 concerning H4437 the kingdom H3606 ; but H3202 they could [H8750]   H7912 find [H8682]   H3809 none H5931 occasion H3809 nor H7844 fault [H8752]   H6903 ; forasmuch H540 as he was faithful [H8683]   H3809 , neither H3606 was there any H7960 error H7844 or fault [H8752]   H7912 found [H8728]   H5922 in him.
Daniel 6:4 (IHOT)
  4 H116 אדין Then H5632 סרכיא the presidents H324 ואחשׁדרפניא and princes H1934 הוו sought H1156 בעין sought H5931 עלה occasion H7912 להשׁכחה to find H1841 לדניאל against Daniel H6655 מצד concerning H4437 מלכותא the kingdom; H3606 וכל none H5931 עלה occasion H7844 ושׁחיתה nor fault; H3809 לא none H3202 יכלין but they could H7912 להשׁכחה find H3606 כל forasmuch as H6903 קבל   H1768 די   H540 מהימן faithful, H1932 הוא he H3606 וכל was there any H7960 שׁלו error H7844 ושׁחיתה or fault H3809 לא neither H7912 השׁתכחת found H5922 עלוהי׃ in
Daniel 6:10 (KJV_Strongs)
  10 H1841 Now when Daniel H3046 knew [H8754]   H3792 that the writing H7560 was signed [H8752]   H5954 , he went [H8754]   H1005 into his house H3551 ; and his windows H6606 being open [H8759]   H5952 in his chamber H5049 toward H3390 Jerusalem H1289 , he kneeled [H8750]   H5922 upon H1291 his knees H8532 three H2166 times H3118 a day H6739 , and prayed [H8743]   H3029 , and gave thanks [H8683]   H6925 before H426 his God H6903 , as H3606   H1934 he did [H8754]   H5648   [H8751]   H4481 aforetime H1836   H6928  .
Daniel 6:10 (IHOT)
  10 H1841 ודניאל Daniel H1768 כדי Now when H3046 ידע knew H1768 די that H7560 רשׁים was signed, H3792 כתבא the writing H5954 על he went H1005 לביתה into his house; H3551 וכוין and his windows H6606 פתיחן being open H5952 לה בעליתה in his chamber H5049 נגד toward H3390 ירושׁלם Jerusalem, H2166 וזמנין times H8532 תלתה three H3118 ביומא a day, H1932 הוא he H1289 ברך kneeled H5922 על upon H1291 ברכוהי his knees H6739 ומצלא and prayed, H3029 ומודא and gave thanks H6925 קדם before H426 אלהה his God, H3606 כל as H6903 קבל   H1768 די   H1934 הוא he did H5648 עבד he did H4481 מן formerly. H6928 קדמת   H1836 דנה׃  
Daniel 6:27 (IHOT)
  27 H7804 משׁיזב He delivereth H5338 ומצל and rescueth, H5648 ועבד and he worketh H852 אתין signs H8540 ותמהין and wonders H8065 בשׁמיא in heaven H772 ובארעא and in earth, H1768 די who H7804 שׁיזיב hath delivered H1841 לדניאל Daniel H4481 מן from H3028 יד the power H744 אריותא׃ of the lions.
Daniel 7:7 (KJV_Strongs)
  7 H870 After H1836 this H1934 I saw [H8754]   H2370   [H8751]   H3916 in the night H2376 visions H718 , and behold H7244 a fourth H2423 beast H1763 , dreadful [H8753]   H574 and terrible H8624 , and strong H3493 exceedingly H7260 ; and it had great H6523 iron H8128 teeth H399 : it devoured [H8750]   H1855 and brake in pieces [H8683]   H7512 , and stamped [H8751]   H7606 the residue H7271 with the feet H1932 of it: and it H8133 was diverse [H8743]   H4481 from H3606 all H2423 the beasts H6925 that were before H6236 it; and it had ten H7162 horns.
Daniel 7:7 (IHOT)
  7 H870 באתר After H1836 דנה this H2370 חזה   H1934 הוית   H2376 בחזוי visions, H3916 ליליא in the night H718 וארו and behold H2423 חיוה beast, H7244 רביעיה a fourth H1763 דחילה dreadful H574 ואימתני and terrible, H8624 ותקיפא and strong H3493 יתירא exceedingly; H8128 ושׁנין teeth: H1768 די iron H6523 פרזל iron H7260 לה רברבן and it had great H399 אכלה it devoured H1855 ומדקה and broke in pieces, H7606 ושׁארא the residue H7271 ברגליה with the feet H7512 רפסה and stamped H1932 והיא of it: and it H8133 משׁניה diverse H4481 מן from H3606 כל all H2423 חיותא the beasts H1768 די that H6925 קדמיה before H7162 וקרנין horns. H6236 עשׂר׃ it; and it had ten
Daniel 7:19 (IHOT)
  19 H116 אדין Then H6634 צבית I would H3321 ליצבא the truth H5922 על of H2423 חיותא beast, H7244 רביעיתא the fourth H1768 די which H1934 הות was H8133 שׁניה diverse H4481 מן from H3605 כלהון   H1763 דחילה dreadful, H3493 יתירה the others, exceeding H8128 שׁניה whose teeth H1768 די of H6523 פרזל iron, H2953 וטפריה and his nails H1768 די of H5174 נחשׁ brass; H399 אכלה devoured, H1855 מדקה broke in pieces, H7606 ושׁארא the residue H7271 ברגליה with his feet; H7512 רפסה׃ and stamped
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