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Strong's H8678
Multiple Qere Readings for a Kethiv

There are several marginal or qere readings for a kethiv reading. In Ne 5:7 the word "exact" is coded as "exact { [H5378]} { [H5378]} { [H8778]} { [H8778]} { [H5383]} { [H5383]} { [H8675]} { [H8675]} { [H5375]} { [H5375]}". The two marginal readings, Strong's numbers { [H5378]} and { [H5383]} exist for the one kethiv reading { [H5375]}.
Psalms 123:4 (IHOT)
  4 H7227 רבת is exceedingly H7646 שׂבעה filled H5315 לה נפשׁנו Our soul H3933 הלעג with the scorning H7600 השׁאננים of those that are at ease, H937 הבוז with the contempt H1349 לגאיונים׃ of the proud.